Write For Us: CryptoCurrency, Blockchain Guest Posts Opportunity

A big idea to write something interesting about Cryptocurrency and blockchain: Write it down with Daily Coin & Token News and share your thoughts at dailycoin&tokennews@gmail.com

Enroll in our program for guest blogging. Write a guest post for a blog. Write for us in a range of categories; our website offers opportunities for guest writing. In order to provide articles on a range of subjects, our blog is searching for guest authors.

Among the subjects covered are,

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain

We stand out from other popular technology and digital marketing blogs. Word count in the content is not a big problem. On the blog, only excellent content will be approved. One other thing: You don’t have to be an accomplished blogger and writer.

If you are a new blogger or writer and have a firm understanding of any subject linked to technology and digital marketing, you are welcome to write for us. It would be an excellent occasion for new blogger to show their abilities.

Why Write For Us?

What is the first thing that everyone considers while seeking a solution or details on a certain technical topic? The solution is the Internet.

Today, a variety of businesses use the Internet as a platform for entertainment to sell their products and services. You may expand your firm swiftly with the aid of this sturdy platform. It helps you create a digital persona for your business.

It gives you a great chance to speed up your growth pace drastically. With the right strategy and content, you can target a variety of demographics and force your way to the top of the world market.

What exactly Is A Guest Post?

The definition of guest blogging is straightforward: it’s when you publish as a guest on another person’s website. You contribute content to another blog in return for visibility and a link back to your own.

Although it’s a straightforward notion with obvious win-win logic, why is guest writing even a smart idea in the first place?

What Is The Purpose Of Guest Posting?

  • To begin with, building relationships is the main goal of guest blogging. Meeting new people and networking with other bloggers might be advantageous in the long run.
  • Bloggers may be influential individuals, and a sizable portion of internet discourse is fueled by their writings.
  • Guest posting and building relationships with people might help you indirectly enhance your influence on social media.
  • Additionally, guest blogging enables you to connect with a new audience. You can connect with a group of people who are already interested in what you have to offer by effectively utilizing the readership of the host blog.
  • They’ll visit your blog to see what else you have to offer if you add value to what they read. The third and last element, which is a major emphasis of guest blogging, should not be ignored since it has an effect on your blog.
  • Last but not least, guest writing is big business in the SEO (search engine optimization) sector. Guest blogging is unquestionably an important strategy to increase traffic to your website, and this is the situation where it is usually discussed.
  • One thing you should insist on when leaving a comment on someone else’s blog is that they add a link to your own.
  • This might be included in the text or the author’s biography. No matter how it’s done, one of the main goals of guest blogging is to create these links.

The Crypto Blog’s guest posting guidelines

We are grateful for your desire to contribute to our website. You might write something in relation to the categories.

  • Software, the internet, SEO, and the gadget industries are all related to technology.
  • The use of VPNs, digital marketing, eCommerce, the Internet, Bitcoin, blockchain, and the metaverse

Please be informed that we will not allow connections to websites that feature pornographic material, gambling, drugs, or payday loans.

What Benefits Do You Receive?

Your guest article will earn targeted referral traffic if you submit it. Our blog receives a lot of traffic from several sources, including social media, Google, and Bing. Additionally, you will receive additional hits if your material is featured on the first page.

Inbound link: Acquiring high-quality natural backlinks can significantly improve your SERP ranking (do-follow links). Additionally, Google will disregard penalties against your website since it will see this relationship as natural.

The life expectancy Post: This entry will remain accessible on our blog indefinitely. Unlike other guest posting businesses that would erase your work after a certain length of time, we are legitimate and will retain your guest post on my blog forever

Networking sites where content is shared: Your content will be shared on a variety of networking sites to increase its popularity.

Published quickly: We won’t hold your work in pending status for very long if it meets our blog’s requirements; we’ll post it in 2–5 business days.

Review the blog’s requirements for guest blogging as a result, then start coming up with content.

These contextual links inform crawlers about the website’s target keywords. Because Google now gives greater weight to variations in the anchor text, it is discouraged from using the same anchor text to rank keywords again.

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Does Guest Blogging Still Work as an Off-Page SEO Strategy?

Guest blogging is a very efficient method for boosting a website’s rankings. The search engine ranking of my blog has benefited from this strategy. Therefore, while developing an SEO strategy for your website, you should give guest blogging high consideration.

Contributes to the building of contextual connections through guest blogging.

A text that may be clicked on and encircled by other text in the content is known as a contextual link. Contextual links might be challenging to obtain using other Off-Page SEO tactics, but I guarantee that through guest blogging, you will acquire links that will improve your ranking for more keywords.

Contextual links are essential when Google rolls out an update to improve the standard of search engine results.

We are excited to publish your insightful writing on our website and to have you serve as a guest author.

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