On Wednesday, the value of most cryptocurrencies decreased. The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was $1.1 trillion, with a volume of approximately $68 billion during the previous day.

Bitcoin, the biggest and most used virtual currency in the world, dropped 3% to $24,182.9. It had a market value of $465 billion. The value of the trade was $32.2 billion.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin dropped from its prior peak and reached $24,000 after a rapid change in market sentiment for cryptocurrencies. Bulls were unhappy as BTC failed to surpass its resistance level at $25,200 despite achieving a high of $25,100.

The second-largest virtual currency, dropped 3.9 percent to $1,643 and now has a market value of $200.9 billion. In the previous day, $9.1 billion worth of Ethereum was traded.

“Ethereum’s value also dropped, dropping below $1,700 as bears took control of the market. Support for ETH is currently at $1,630, and resistance is at $1,650.”

The meme-based virtual currency Dogecoin fell 4%. It was valued at $11.2 billion in the market. There were $493.9 million in trades.

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu market capitalization fell by 5.1 percent to $7.1 billion. In the previous 24 hours, there were $351.7 million in transactions.

Solana lost 6.1 percent to $24.4 and now has a $9.2 billion market cap. $926.7 million worth of Solana’s shares were traded in the previous day.

With a $1.4 billion market capitalization, Polygon fell 8.8%. In the previous 24 hours, there were $499.9 million in trades.

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