Cryptocurrency values increased, recovering from their decline on Wednesday after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates.

The SEC is increasing its enforcement efforts against cryptocurrency companies, and on Wednesday it sent Coinbase (COIN) a warning for possible securities breaches.

Following the Fed decision on Wednesday, bitcoin fell as low as $26,685 before recovering to around $28,200 by late Thursday. Prior to the report, on Wednesday, Bitcoin reached its highest intraday level since June 11 at $28,889 per coin. BTC has recovered from its monthly bottom under $19,800 from March 10 to be up 20% so far in March. The biggest cryptocurrency in the globe has increased by 70% so far in 2018.

Ethereum surged to $1,815 late on Thursday, surpassing its previous March peak of $1,858. Ethereum has recovered from its monthly bottom of $1,385 on March 10 to be up 9.6% so far this month. The #2 cryptocurrency is trading at its highest values since mid-August and is up 51% year to date.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Bitcoin Price $28206.20

Ethereum Price $1811.19

Tether Price $1.00

BNB Price $327.55

XRP Price $0.43

Cardano Price $0.37

Polygon Price $1.14

Dogecoin Price $0.077

Solana Price $22.14

Polkadot Price $6.40

Tron Price $0.06721

Shiba Inu Price $0.000011

Litecoin Price $93.58

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