On Saturday, cryptocurrency prices fell for the second straight day. Ethereum (ETH) was below the 1,650 mark while Bitcoin (BTC) dropped 5% to $25,998.

The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies was trading lower, at about $1.05 trillion, down 4% over the previous day.

The value of Bitcoin could potentially be severely impacted by the publication of the U.S. monthly jobs report later today.

Other well-known cryptocurrency tokens were also trading at a loss on Saturday. Tron, Polkadot, and Polugon each sank more than 4%, while Dogecoin, Solana, BNB, and Cardano all fell more than 3%.

6.64% of the 24-hour volume of the whole crypto market’s volume, or $2.52 billion, is now being traded in DeFi. Stablecoin volume as a whole is currently $35.98 billion, or 94.89% of the 24-hour volume of the whole crypto market.

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin presently has a 48.35% market share. BTC volume was over $20.34 billion at the time, up 40.38% on the previous day.

Recently, Bitcoin underwent a negative movement, dropping from 27,300 to a low of 25,900. No signs of a halt to the negative trend are visible, and it appears to be heading for another significant support level at 25,900, which coincides with the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement.

It is crucial to keep a close eye on the 25,900 level. If this level is not broken, a bullish turnaround could be sparked, pushing the price of bitcoin towards the resistance levels of 26,700 and even higher to 27,400.

Cryptocurrency Price Today

Bitcoin Price Today | $25,998

Ethereum Price Today | $1,644

Tether Price Today | $0.9996

BNB Price Today | $214

XRP Price Today | $0.505

Cardano Price Today | $0.2566

Dogecoin Price Today | $0.06364

Solana Price Today | $19.86

Polygon Price Today | $0.551

Litecoin Price Today | $63.85

Polkadot Price Today | $4.27

Tron Price Today | $0.07724

Shiba Inu Price Today | $0.000007986

(Note: Price change in last 24 hours)

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