Dear WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Investor and Developer Community.

We are excited to announce the historic 6th anniversary of WhiteBitcoin (WBTC), which will be followed by a decade of incredible growth. Our investors’ consistent support, trust, and belief in us have been critical to our success in reaching outstanding milestones.
As we honor this milestone, we are delighted to reveal a series of ground-breaking announcements for the coming years: it is not just about the road map, but also about all of the announcements and events that will take place over the following two decades.

Q1 2024: VIP Wallet Upgrade:-
Prepare for the ultimate VIP Wallet – BTC, WBTC, and WEB3 experience! The upgraded version is set to be released on the anniversary of the White Bitcoin (WBTC) and includes numerous additional features. Stay tuned for the Google Play Store release.

Q2 2024: Web3 Wallet Launch:-
In Q2 2024, we will release the Web3 version of the VIP Wallet Mobile App & Web Based App, allowing our users to enjoy all of the VIP Wallet’s capabilities across both the app and the website. A user-friendly experience awaits!

Q4 2024: Launch of Advanced Blockchain App, Future and Option Contracts on BELPAY.IO EXCHANGE and one other exchange.-
Expect a game-changing moment! The introduction of an Advanced Blockchain will alleviate the load on Bitcoin transactions, encourage WBTC to be moved on decentralized exchanges, and open up endless possibilities. The WhiteBitcoin Dev Team is launching Future and Option Contracts on two exchanges.

Q1 2025–Q4 2026: NFT Platform on Advanced Blockchain:
Begin the NFT journey! We will launch a new NFT platform on the Advanced Blockchain, bringing new opportunities and experiences to the WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Community.

Q2 2026: Second Mining Halving:-
Witness another milestone as we do the Mining Halving on WhiteBitcoin (WBTC), which will propel us to higher levels and introduce crypto to the next stage of evolution.

Q4 2026: Mining Code Becomes Public
The year will close with the public announcement of the long-awaited Mining Code, which will allow more Mining Partners to participate.

Q1 2027: VIP Wallet – Block Matching Affiliate Program Closure and Staking Program Continue until 2038, with the reward halving process:-
Try out the VIP Wallet development as we phase out the Block Matching Affiliate Program and keep the Staking Program running until 2038. All affiliates can discharge 7% of their WBTC holdings monthly, and exciting prizes await.

Q2 2027: WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) is on multiple exchanges:-
In Q2 2027, WBTC will be listed on a variety of new worldwide exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Polonex, Bitmex, ByBit,,,, Advance Blockchain, and others.

Q1 2028: Public All-Type Development Code:—
The publishing of public development codes provides a glimpse into the future.

Q2 2030: Third Mining Halving:-
Continue your adventure through the third mining halving, which improves WBTC’s position in the cryptocurrency industry.

Q2 2034: Fourth Mining Halving
We celebrate another milestone, the fourth mining halving, as proof of our commitment to long-term success.

Q2 2038: Last Mining Halving
The voyage concludes with the last halving, in which WBTC is used to settle the Advanced Blockchain’s transaction fees for BTC, BCH, BTG, BSV, and NFT.

As we move forward, we are committed to future-proofing White Bitcoin (WBTC) by implementing Web3 metaverse technology and preparing for future growth and coin distributions.

Buckle up, White Bitcoin (WBTC) family, as we embark on an incredible journey to break new ground and transform cryptocurrency with innovative technologies and exciting improvements in the VIP Wallet. Buckle up for a ride you will never forget!

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